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A Brief Word On Making Mistakes In Pet Care.

For many aspects of life "it was just a mistake" is a throw-away phrase that can be to brush away actions with unwanted but minor consequences. However, when it comes to pet care a mistake can be the difference between proper care and neglect. Health and sickness. Life and death.

Mistakes cannot be looked upon as flippantly when living creatures are involved,

while they may not be intentional some mistakes can have devastating consequences

and as the owner you will be the one at fault. That's just the hard truth of the matter.

Mistakes are most commonly made when owners:

  • Don't research care methods properly before getting a pet.

  • Don't continue to do research throughout the pets life.

  • Take in an animal they are not capable of caring for.

  • Have too many animals to care for.

  • Have too many other responsibilities.

  • Cut corners that can't be cut.

  • Ignore warning signs in their pets.

  • Don't put their pets welfare first in all situations.

  • Don't use common sense or lapse in their judgement.

When deciding to take on the care of an animal it is your responsibility to minimise and

prevent mistakes by researching their care thoroughly before bringing them home.

You must also continue to research their care throughout their life.

Never rely on a single source for your information, always make sure you're

educating yourself with multiple, reputable resources including forums.


Love alone is not enough. To care for an animal properly you need knowledge, time, money, resources, patience and the understanding that their needs come before your wants.

​Remember that nobody is entitled to have a pet just because they want one, pets are a privilege and a huge responsibility not a possession, toy, decoration or collectable item.

Finally, keep in mind that while a thoughtful owner can always learn from mistakes they have made, a great owner will do everything they can to prevent making a mistake in the first place.

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